What Are You Doing Today?

Habits are not so easy to form despite our good intentions.

Now, what was I doing the day before and the day before that when I should have been writing up my blog posts and developing my online business?

For a start, in preparation for putting a great set of intentions into practice, I took two weeks off work; my three days a week job that frequently seems to morph into a full-time job.


This was the plan that I dreamed of as I lay in the comfort of my bed.

  • Bring my blog up to date.
  • Complete the Mindmaps for my new product.
  • Contact John, Randy to discuss the new project/product.
  • Move forward with developing my project

The reality:

The reality is that I totally ignored my intentions.

  • Started to powerwash the roof of the house to get rid of moss while the weather was good.
    Erected the scaffold,
    connected the powerwasher,
    cleaned about a 6th of the roof and the powerwasher broke down.
  • Ok, the scaffold was up, so I then sprayed the cleaned area with patio cleaner to get rid of the algae growth I cannot see.
  • Moved the scaffold to the back of the house to get it out of the way until the Powerwasher has been fixed.
  • Installed a new temperature sensor on my old Mercedes S Class (2002 – not one of the best years. The first Mercedes to be designed by the accountants, apparently).
  • Reinstalled the washer level sensor.
  • Tested the car – and still, the cooling fan is going like a jet engine.
  • Engaged with a student I am mentoring for her MSc.
  • Checked my workload for my three days a week job, for the coming year.
  • Assisted partner to clean up the back of the house.

I did complete a few things.




Brett Mason (https://brettmasonmarketing.com), commented on 26th April: “keeping it going is just as hard. “…. “Falling back in old habits is just too easy for me.”

He is so right.

And this applies to many if not most of us.

I am however beginning to think that:

  • This is the last time I will be going on the roof to powerwash it. After all only roofers and nut cases deliberately go up on the roof to clean it down. It was not that bad as I cleaned it a few years ago. I just didn’t like the colour and algae on the front.
  • I think it is about time I got rid of the old S Class. Pain! (So does my partner!)




It is about time I reset my priorities if I want to make a real success of this programme with John Thornhill.

Again Brett comments: ” if we just do even a small thing every day to make a change or move toward a new goal we are on the right track.”

Build on repetition

We all need to take the step of repeating our actions daily to acquire new permanent habits.

Eben Pagan tells us that it takes at least 10 repetitions to START to make something habitual.

If you have not already started, take the first step today.


If you do not know where to start, START HERE.


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