The world is always changing.

It is nothing new.

But the pace of change is accelerating.

What we experience today is merely an extension of the Industrial Revolution, which began in Great Britain. about 1760 and

spread to Western Europe and the United States within a few decades.

The Industrial Revolution marked a major turning point in history.
It was the transition from small home-based craft production to new manufacturing processes.
The efficiencies of water and steam power accelerated the development of machine tools accelerating the transition.



We think of the movement of labour from the ‘developed’ world as something new or recent. in fact, it started to have an impact in the late 17th centuries, evidenced when the British government passed the Calico Acts in order to protect the domestic woollen industry from the increasing amounts of cotton fabric imported from India. The Revolution started the transition of manual jobs from the Uk, jobs such as weaving.

In more recent times the transition of labour has encompassed every stratum of society as computerisation and communications developed. The Accounting, and Legal professions and other intellectual roles were ‘Offshored to lower-cost economies in Mexico, Costa Rica, China and other Far Eastern countries developed. Today things are moving faster.

Motorola was instrumental in the rise of the Chinese electronics industry. Motorola wanted to build a factory to produce products in China. The Chineses government agreed on the condition that the American technicians taught the chines engineers how to design and build products that would sell in the West. Now the whole world goes to China for everything.

In former times a Master Craftsman would be at the top of his or her profession. They were perhaps equivalent of today’s graduate with hands-on experience in the workplace, the Graduate Apprentice. But just as the Master Craftsman was overtaken by technology, so a graduate education may not be the key to a successful future for your lifetime.

You may have a ‘secure’ job today, but that will not stop you being rejected and on the scrap heap tomorrow. We can already see that people with Doctorates and double degrees returning to live with parents because of crushing student loans and in many cases – no job.

Today, the world has gone into lockdown over the Covid-19 virus, we may be seeing yet another major turning point in employment and technology. Half of the world is be moving, on mass, to working from home using their computers and the internet to do the heavy lifting.

It was always on the cards but the possibility or should we say the probability of viral infection may accelerate this transition faster and more permanently than ever.

Experts predict that in 20 years 45% of all jobs in the US will be automated. So what can you do to secure your future and that of your families? The only secure way is to make ourselves independent of the ‘Job’ market as we can. Increasingly we are turning to the new technologies to assist us in achieving that independence.

But where do you start?

The problem is that we are bombarded daily with offers of information and courses that can help us to learn to make a living off the Internet. Which of those offers are beneficial, which are scams? It is difficult to tell whom to trust, especially if you are new to Internet Marketing.

We aim to bring you information about the experts that are proven achievers and that you can trust.

Take a chance. See how you can become independent. You have nothing to lose.

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