The Seeds of Growth

The year is getting warmer.

The sunny days are beginning to lengthen. The garden is starting to glow once again. The small shoots are appearing and soon we will see the full fruits of our labours.

It can take time to establish a new business unless the business happens to be a Linkedin or Uber, both of which had phenomenal growth.

Some grow with an exponential spurt only to fail shortly afterwards.

In order to survive, we need a business that fulfils a need in the community; a business that potential clients are looking for.

It takes time for those tiny seeds and shoots to become established and grow strong.


It takes patience to build a following and become established. In the meantime many become discouraged.

“What is the point”, they will say. I spend all this time creating my blog and website and I still see little return for my time and effort


We have all heard the expression, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. In business terms that is so true for most of us. We have to persevere and be patient; take one step at a time.

With patience, those seeds will grow and one day you will have a fully-fledged business.

John Thornhill takes us through his Masterclass and shows us how to build our business “one step at a time”.



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