Well, I have been working on John’s instructions for setting up the blog over the past few days and you can see where I have got to.

I arrived at the part where John recommended a plugin marketed by Mr Randolf Smith. As we all know the Data Protection Act 2018, came into force in March of 2018. Being the UK and with the threat of Brexit, Parliament had to pass a bill in compliance with the EU Directive on the General Data Protection Regulations to ensure that GDPR was enshrined in
UK law, hence the DPA.

Randy has had a plugin created which automatically builds all the pages around compliance with the act and more.
Having “all the pages” of course does not mean that we are compliant on an ongoing basis, we have to make sure that our practices comply.

Just note the fines visited on British Airways (£183m), and the Marriot Group (£100m) for a data breach last week.

Mind you I am wondering who will fine the ICO for its own breach.

“The Information Commissioner’s Office has admitted to the
its own use) use of cookies on devices has failed to meet the required
GDPR standard.”

Well, I am normally assiduous in reading instructions. But for Randy’s plugin, I dropped the ball. I was looking for installation instructions, expecting the usual “download, install, activate”.

Well, I was in a hurry and could not find said instruction, so dropped Randy a note.

I can see it now.


“Here is another of those “*!/*&*” idiots that never reads the instructions.”

Possibly followed by “Oh! Sorry, I’m not supposed to swear on this channel!”

But I do Randy. I do read them!

Just not this time.

However, Randy replied in his usual polite manner and the installation was completed successfully. I still have some fettling to do to make sure I have it all correct. Not sure I need the Medical disclaimer, but hey, what is there to

I can certainly recommend Randy’s GDPR plugin. it is comprehensive and easy to install. Just make sure “You” read the instructions!

The plugin from WP InstaLegalPages from Leo (BCBiz), is also a great benefit. I had to complete legal pages for another website some years ago. £1,000 for a bespoke solution.

Clever guy, Leo.

Both of the above plugins are used in John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success Programme; a great way to start a new business.


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