I believe that I first signed up for John Thornhill’ Partnership To Success in 2014.

I made great strides at first. I completed many new steps and carried out lots of exercises under J and R’s instruction. By the way, great instructional videos John, short and to the point, really easy to follow. I started several blogs on a variety of subjects and completed many blog posts.

Then disaster happened.

I lost confidence in the process. I lost confidence in my ability to “do what others had done”. What did I know? What could I write about that others would find interesting?

Other considerations took over my life. I started to look for something new and shinier and spent an undisclosed fortune in the process.

I forgot about the programme.

I did not give the process the opportunity to succeed.

Now, I like to think that my life is more stable. I have a part time job which keeps me very busy and helps me to cover the daily domestic costs, the maintenance costs, the repairs, the new appliances, the newer car, made essential because I need to make sure I can get to work 40 miles away, with a degree of certainty.

Then recently I was looking over the viewing stats on Facebook of one blog I started back in 2015. I could not believe the number of people that had read it and liked the sentiment expressed. Perhaps there was something in this Internet Marketing “fad” after all. Perhaps if I had persevered, I would have a good going business by now.

Even more encouraging is that I have learnt in recent months to my surprise, that my previous “real world” commercial experience does have some value in the academic world, where there appear to be plenty of Doctorates and MSc’s but very little hands on practical experience.

But I know that I will only be able to keep up this work for say 5 years at the most, as age increases, and energy diminishes.

The government of the country is a disaster. They have plunged us into division and controversy and as all governments do, they will walk away from it with fat pensions and no culpability nor personal consequences for the disaster they have visited upon us all.
Most of the parliamentarians appear to be incompetent and incapable of making decisions about the future of the country.
The finances of the country may be uncertain in the coming years, and further devaluations of the currency seem to be inevitable.
As the government continues to merrily give largesse to their favourite causes overseas while many here are without a roof over their heads, I can be certain that there will be no “rescue” plan for me and those like me from that quarter.

Like many others, I do not have a great pension pot. So, what am I to do about the following years?

John and Randy tell us to persevere, to concentrate on the programme and not get distracted by “other” programmes. They tell us that in time we will succeed and it will happen for us. It might take a year, it might be less

I saw a glimpse of success in the Facebook comments.

Consequently, I am back in John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success Programme with determination.

To success.


    3 replies to "I Have Been Here Before"

    • Linda

      Hi Ian,

      I liked reading your blog post. It reminded me that “shiny objects” in the internet marketing business can cause people to spend large amounts of money, promising instant success. However, no matter what anybody tells you, you will not make money quickly or easily in this business – you need perseverance, a good work ethic, and an experienced mentor.

      I wish you every success in your online business.


    • Phil Jones

      Ian, I love your journey so far!
      It is almost like mine, but not quite.
      You in the beginning were looking for a business and I was playing games and treating all this like a hobby.
      I thought blogs were useless and for for losers. Well! Call me a loser!
      Here I am and I plan on staying!
      Stories like yours help me to stay focused and on track.
      Thank You for sharing!

      • Ash

        Many thanks for your comments Phil.

        We all need a bit of confidence building and reassurance sometimes.
        Even the best of us.


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