Each of you has to adapt in your own way in order to survive.

You may adapt to change easily but some people find it so difficult and constantly revert to their past.

You may be capable of accepting change and adapt willingly, while the “reactives” are dragged along.

Many never make it.

So! You can either sit back and wait until the global transformation hits and overtakes you or you can look ahead, strategize and plan to take advantage of the changes that will take place.

You can take positive action so that instead of being dragged along you can ride the change and, if you work hard at it, be ahead of the change.

Now ask yourself the question. “Can I ride this fluctuating world without doing anything? Or! Do I have to adapt and embrace it to survive?”

What do you choose to do?

Now if your answer to that question is that you think that you can stay the way you are and ride the change.


Stop reading because your “real” future life is over and nothing will persuade you otherwise.

You are about to be thrown off life’s roundabout by the sheer force of the changes that will take place.

Yes, you might be lucky and struggle along, but just take an objective look around you at what is already happening in the world and over which you have no direct control.



There might be that passion, that deep ambition that you have:

    • To climb a mountain.
    • To lose weight.
    • Improve your health and to live a healthier life in future.
    • To quit smoking.
    • To improve your career prospect.
    • Get better educated so that you will fit into the new world.
    • Change your eating habits.
    • Modify your drinking habits.
    • Get fitter.
    • Improve your Wealth.
    • Build better personal relationships.
    • Start your own business.
    • Change your friends. Get new friends more attuned to your ambitions and a new way of life.
    • Learn a new hobby. Furniture making, painting, macramé, watch repairing, DIY, car repairs, spray painting. Anything you like.
    • Simplify your life. Sell all your belongings, your baggage and travel the world.

    Just try something new.

    Perhaps you want to do something to help others in so many ways.

    There are so many options.

    Reassess your work. Adjust your way of living.

    Boost your energy.

    Sail, walk, cycle around the world.

    Get married or find a new more compatible partner.

    Write a book. Make a film. Create a website and a blog.

    Walk to the North/South Poles.

    Play the piano, the violin or any other musical instrument that you enjoy.

    Aim for your personal success, however you measure it.

    Or a combination of many of these things and more

    There can be any number of ways in which you have control over how you need to change and for your families and yourself.

    Some small changes are easy to make, others require one or more major adjustments.

    However you make the change, one of the most important might be to change how you and your family survive in the future.

    You need to become independent of the roller coaster of the world that faces you.

    The easiest way you can do this is to start your own business.

    You have those skills, those hobbies that others value and need. So why not explore your options.

    I know someone who has been through this journey, who has made his new life and is now prepared to help others make a new life for themselves.

    Well, perhaps this might be a good place to start.


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      • sharon hoggan

        Absolutely love this blog, absolutely agree, small changes all mount up. Have a nice day

        • Ash

          Thanks for your comments Sharon.
          Nice to hear from you.


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