How Big is Your Window?


The front window of a car is usually bigger than the rear window.


Because it’s good to see as much as you can in the direction you are heading.

Markus Spiske

How big is your personal window? How wide are your horizons?

Many of us are unable to see beyond the near future. Our problems and the daily grind is such that we have no horizon other our the immediate, day to day troubles.

We cannot see over to the far horizon.

In times of stress, our vision can become so narrow and closed in that we can barely conceive of, never mind comprehend, the immediate future. It is almost like having blinds over our eyes.

Our vision is blurred our perception of possibilities is shrouded by mist.

We are physically incapable of seeing beyond the immediate problems and issues.

We become paralysed with fear and consequent inaction.


We are resigned to whatever disaster happens next. We can see no way out. We just accept this as our fate.

We just resign ourselves to the fact that there is nothing we can do about it.



It is like the effects of hypoxia which occurs when the brain is deprived of oxygen. We think we are doing great, but as time goes by, our vision narrows as our judgement is increasingly diminished. We may think we are on top of things, but they are spiralling out of control and eventually, catastrophe may hit.

We are living in difficult times. Many will see their family, livelihood, property stolen from them by circumstances.

Things that in the past, we have worked so hard for, gone forever; destroyed. Along with it circumstances may equally destroy us.

No actions of the state can return those aspects of our lives that have been taken. Nothing can compensate us for our despair.


Widen Your Horizons

However, if we are not to sink into irrecoverable depression and destruction we have to widen our horizons, we have to make sure our window is as big as it can possibly be.

We have to make every effort to see what is coming towards us as we travel down the road of life, no matter what obstructions and perils lie ahead.

We may lose a loved one, but others remain who will rely on us. Other, be it children, parents, lovers or friends.

We need to overcome the paralysis and fear of our own loss and be ready to be selfless for others who might not be as strong as we are.


You cannot change the past, but you can learn from it.

Prepare for the future.

Widen your vision. Look out to YOUR future as far as you can and you may discover a golden future.

There is help out there to assist you to discover how you can make your own future.


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