You might find the daily grind a struggle, just coping with daily life can be a real chore. Low income, unsatisfactory relationships. You just bounce aimlessly from one crisis to another. Life is just a series of disconnected events.

We all want the best out of our lives. But what is your personal “best?

Many of us never consider that we might have a “best”. That our lives can be improved and that we have opportunities that can allow us to burst out of our mental cage and achieve great things for ourselves and our families.

You need to determine exactly what your “best”, is.

We need to start using our creative powers and our imagination to design our ideal life. It might be the physical aspect, emotional or social or a combination of all three.

We need to use our minds in a holistic way to imagine a life that is exactly the life that we want it to be, but with all its component parts so that it all fits together and it works, just Like a well-built engine or car, where all the parts fit and work together in unison, or a beautiful design portraying harmony and success. This picture, this vision will be different for each of us.

Let us consider our timeframes.

To most of us, life appears to be a continuum but if we stand back and examine our daily, monthly, yearly existence, the reality is that it evolves in several segments, each nested inside of each other, just like the Russian Babushka Doll.

If we consider these moments from a productivity point of view it would be Sixty-Sixty-Thirty where you do two one-hour chunks, and then you have a thirty minutes break.

The course of your day will be split into many different segments or moments that will happen, that will or will not be significant. You will have chunks of time that are maybe thirty to sixty minutes, where you work on one aspect of a project or cooking, or leisure.

Then there’s maybe the one-day timeframe, the one-week timeframe, the one-month timeframe, the one-quarter timeframe, and then a yearly timeframe.

Life happens in these different timeframes and each can be considered as being nested inside of one another.

By thinking about life this way and considering each of these timeframes, new things emerge at each level of context that isn’t present in the same way at other timeframes. This can be the source, the fountain of some enlightening insights.

Ask Searching Questions

We have our business life, our working life and then we have our personal life.

If you were going to design an ideal day in your work or business life and ask the question,

“In an ideal day, what is the one most important thing that you would do in your business?”

You might say, “Well, in an ideal day in business, I will put two hours into creating marketing to get new clients.”

Then ask,

“What would happen in an ideal week in your business.

When you zoom out to a week, you might say,

“In an ideal week, I would meet one new person that would make a good marketing partner for my business. Someone whom I can promote and they would promote me”.

“I will take two hours working on my marketing”, in an ideal week, “I’ll meet one new person”.

What about in an ideal month inside of your business

“In an ideal month, I would interview someone new for a position that I have. Because right now I’m anticipating hiring about three or four people this year, and I need to interview about one person a month to find that ideal person.”

In each of these timeframes, in the ideal day, the ideal week, the ideal month, there are different things that are happening.

Apply to Every Aspect of Your Life

These examples are about marketing, but the process can be equally applied to every aspect of our lives.

Some might find it is really difficult to visualise this scenario unless you zoom to these different levels.

By looking at each level of personal, emotional and business life and determining what is important to us in each segment or compartment of our lives, the things that we want or need to do, we can envision a life that really works.

Let each of us start working out and pulling our own different levels together.

In this way, we have the potential to gain huge leverage. It will not happen all at once. It will take time to reengineer our way of thinking. It will be necessary to revisit our vision, to tailor it to circumstances. By the process of continual review and revision a better life, a clearer vision will emerge.


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